I have been gone and I hope I am back

I have not written in this in awhile. I have been so busy adjusting to my new life and finding out how to go about everything. Believe me I wanted to come back and write a lot in this but things have been so busy and some personal things have been happening. Now I feel I can return to my writing. Not only just writing in this blog but writing my books and other items. I feel now is the time to get going and really push for my dreams. I mean I will be 30 in December. It is time to make my millions I wanted and live out my dreams and I will do it. I have it in me just like any person and if I try and work very hard on going for my dream it will come true. Come and join me in this blog as I journey towards completing my dream. It will be a fun ride.

I should have my first Stephen King review up either tonight or this weekend so check back on that. I also have some other porjects going so stay tuned. Yes this is short but wanted to let everyone know I am back.

Top Five Vegas Shows I Went To

Warning: This blog post is rated PG-13 by the International Super Secret Blog Ratings Board of America West of the Mississippi.

Sorry for the little warning but we are talking about Vegas shows and this will include video clips of the shows. Since the blog this week has been kind of a downer with bad news I decided to leave the week on a more positive note and that is a list of my top five Las Vegas shows I went to. Now to be fair I haven’t been to many shows but if I had to choose my top five these would be it. Please enjoy and let me know what your favorite shows you have seen.

5. Tournament of Kings

This show is actually pretty fun to go to. I mean you get to have a meal and watch a knight show right in front of you. You are split into sections where you cheer for the knight of the color section you are in and it is actually pretty entertaining. I went to this show a few times but actually went to it first when I was in the 8th grade on my 8th grade trip (that was a fun trip). Do any of my friends remember that week? Anyway it was a fun show and will always have a sense of nostalgia for me. Yes I did pull The Cable Guy routine on the waitress. If you don’t know what that is well you don’t get utensils while you eat (because they did not exist in medieval times) but then the waitress asks if you want Pepsi and then you mock her by saying, “So they had Pepsi in medieval times?” Regardless to say she was not amused by my comment and probably heard it a million times after the movie came out. Anyway here is a short clip I found of the show.

4. Amazing Johnathan

This is a comedy show with a little magic thrown into there. If you seen the his Comedy Central special you seen the show. However, it was fun being there live in person with my wife seeing it. It is humorous. I would recommend getting there early because he has a little entertaining feature that makes fun of people in the audience and it was pretty funny. Here is a little clip promoting the show.

3. Lance Burton Magic Show

This show is no longer going but it was a great show to see with my wife. He does magic on a grand stage and he is actually pretty funny while he does it. The kid in me loved the magic show and it was smooth and relaxing way to just release the stresses of life and enjoy myself. His tricks were pretty amazing and I don’t have no clue on how he did some of them. Here is an older magic segment he did long ago.

2. Bite

There were topless vampire chicks dancing to some nice classical rock. Do I even need to say more? Ok it also has a pretty good storyline that is told through the rock music with little to no dialogue. It is about a male vampire trying to find love even though he has many wives already. Well I will take this story over Bella and Edward anyway. The show has great visuals; they interact with the crowd and have some circus acts. It is very entertaining. Oh and did I mention it has topless vampire chicks dancing, just joking but it is a good show. Here is the PG-13 clip of a promo for the show.

1. The Phantom of the Opera

Yes my number one show I saw was this. The set was amazing, the actors did great, the music is good and it was entertaining. No there was no Gerald Butler but it was still good. What places this at number 1 is it has special meaning to me. I took my wife here on our 1 year anniversary. We did the whole limo, dinner, gondola, and show experience that night and we had a great time. It was a special time and that is what puts this show as number 1 on my list. It ends in September in Las Vegas so go see it before it goes. Here is a promo clip from the show. 


Well there you have it. I hoped you enjoyed reading my top five shows I went to in Las Vegas. I will randomly put some top lists in my blog ever so often. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend. 

An Upsetting Day

An upsetting day today but it is for the best. As some of you know we had issues getting our home loan approved due to the fact that I worked in Las Vegas and they didn’t want to approve a loan because they did not believe I would actually live there and they never heard someone living in Goldfield and working in Las Vegas. 

We decided to go ahead and rent the house to have proof I am living in the house and also working in Las Vegas. So that is going great and we love the house. So why do you ask it is an upsetting day but it will be for the best?  We discovered a great loan program with Nevada State Bank for the house that has a very low interest rate, low payments and will able to pay off the house in ten years instead of the usual twenty or thirty. Now that is something great and would love to do. However, this deal requires a large down payment. This is the part that is upsetting not because I have to save some money for the next few months but because I will have to delay my current projects I have for Goldfield and the projects my wife and I have. It will probably be delayed a year. The reason a lot of these will be delayed is because I would be investing my own money to see the good things to the community would happen and the projects my wife and I had. 

It is for the best though in the long run because once I save enough money I will be able to have that permanent feeling of living in Goldfield. I apologize about this as I was very excited for the near future. However, have no fear I will still be working on the projects in the background but just can’t implement them yet. I will of course continue to write in this blog and also of course pursue my goal of writing my books and stories and getting an agent. I will also still support Goldfield in any way I can at this time.  

Even though it is upsetting it is for the best and everything will come together. It will give me more time to plan the surprises and great things I have planned for Goldfield and Tonopah area. I apologize about this small bump but as people have bumps in their lives they have bumps in their plans.  

Do Not Live at The Pines Apartments in Henderson, NV

This may sound like a bitter rant and I apologize for it but I have to warn anyone about my previous apartment complex I lived in which is The Pines in Henderson, NV. This complex has to be the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in and I have lived in pretty bad places. This rant does not have to do with the community as it appeared to be safe and quiet. However, after analyzing the whole picture this place was actually a not so great place to live. Here are some points about the place that I will warn you about if you decide to move to Henderson: 

–They have the strictest rules that if you don’t follow you will be harassed. If you have a visitor you better make sure they know the rules or they will be really harassed also. Now my family and I never had a problem with the rules and followed them. You can never back up to your parking spot, you can’t have anything on your balcony that isn’t approved by the managers, and you can’t have any pets. My family and I witnessed someone who parked a little over the line where there was no other cars around and in the visitor’s parking and they were harassed by the managers. My three year old son at the time was present and they were cussing and threating police action just for being parked a little over the line. The managers always drive around the complex at night checking to make sure no one is breaking the rules. 

–Now it is one thing to have strict rules but it is different when they choose who to enforce the rules to. There was a no pet policy at this apartment complex yet some had cats and even dogs. People who talk to them regularly in the office got away with breaking the rules whether it is their car or pets. They have a no soliciting rule with signs even posted and yet they allow fellow residents to put flyers on my door soliciting. It they want to have these strict rules then they need to enforce it for everyone. 

–The deposit you pay when you move in is not a security deposit, it is a cleaning deposit. This means before you move in as it was explained by the office that you pay them to clean the apartment for you before you move in. This is not a security deposit so if you have issues with the apartment you will pay full price for anything that may go wrong. If three rooms of carpet are messed up they will charge you carpet for the whole apartment. This comes to around $1400 you will have to pay. I am all for paying for the carpet that is messed up but not for rooms that did not have an issue. I even have proof of the rooms that were not touched but I truly do not have the time and patience to fight it. 

–The facilities are outdated and old. They even require you to change the filter of your heating and cooler system and if you don’t and it breaks it is all on you. That is how old their system is. There were even some infestations of roaches a few times while living there and that is never good. If you could afford it I would pay for a newer apartment complex. Going along with that if you have an injured bird that defecates everywhere and you ask them to handle it and clean it they will refuse to do so. Not only is this unsanitary but it also can cause sickness and disease. 

–The managers always came off and unfriendly and rude. That of course is just a personal opinion and may not reflect their true character but that was what I felt talking with them. My wife especially did not feel comfortable talking with them. They also were hardly ever in the office. This should have been a sign to me when my wife and I were first looking for apartments and their stated hours were 8am-5pm and they were not in until 9:30am.  

 –The thing scares me the most about the management is they do not give receipts for rent payments. Their philosophy is that when you write the check that the bank statement will be your receipt. I have never had an apartment complex that did not deal with receipts. What if they got really mad at you one month and decided to not cash your check and then blame you for not paying rent? I can see that happening and I read a review on the internet stating that did happen to someone. To me that is unsafe and unprofessional.  

I can go on and on about this place but I don’t want to turn this into a thesis paper. I touched on some major points and hope you make the right decision and not move to the complex. I would recommend spending your money on a newer more professional facility that has a better management staff. That is my opinion of the complex and you can take it for what it is worth. Thanks for reading my rant. 

Yeah it is Friday

Don’t you just love Fridays? I sure do. Especially this Friday where I get to have a three day weekend. Anyway this will be a short blog post as I have a lot to do. There probably won’t be a post on Monday as I will be spending time with my family but check back anyway just in case I do.

For some updates I will be adding a new feature to my blog. I am going to read every Stephen King novel ever published and write a little review on it. Not only that, if there is a movie about the story I read I will also review that and post that up on the blog. That includes any official or unofficial sequels (wow I will be watching and reviewing a million Children of the Corn movies) and any remakes or made for TV movies. This will be a long feature on this blog and I will some good humor in my reviews and they will be exciting. I hope everyone will like them and you never read a Stephen King book maybe you will find a review you like and read the book or at least watch the movie. I will be starting with Carrie.

Thanks for the positive feedback on my last post. I would like some people to share their stories but maybe in the future you will. I plan on writing more posts like that in the future.

This week I will start getting some of my projects organized and long term plans scheduled. From my wife’s and I project, Goldfield project to my writing project it will be mapped out as much as I can. Things are really looking up and I can’t do it with you. I appreciate you reading my blog.

Anyway I will be heading home again. Have a safe weekend everyone and enjoy any time you have off.

*Sorry if there are any typos I am writing this in a hurry.


Yes this post is about cheaters and I am not talking about the ones that cheat at poker or on their taxes. I am talking about those who cheat on their spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend and any other close relationship. Why does someone choose to cheat on their significant other? It has had me wondering for years. As some of you know I have had been in a couple major relationships that the person decided to cheat on me. To this day I always wondered why as I never had a reason or closure to it.  Was it something I did or did not do? Is it because of my looks or lack of looks? Is it because the other person was intoxicated that they just did the deed? Did it only happen once that I knew about or did it happen multiple times? These are the questions that plague someone who was cheated on and sometimes you get the answers you seek but a lot of times you don’t. 

It is hard to be cheated on as you put so much faith into someone and love and care and they just take it all away in one fail swoop when the truth is known. Some people take it hard and never recover and have issues the rest of their life never trusting someone or giving their heart to anyone again. Others just shrug it off and move on with their lives. Then there are those that can forgive the person and take them back into their lives which could lead to them cheating on them again or they might actually have changed. Whatever the category you fall into above if you have been cheated on it will feel horrible. I don’t care how strong a person is it is the most horrible feeling in the world. As sad as this is cheating is everywhere. It could be your neighbor down the street, it is all over the tv whether it be a tv show or the new stating another celebrity or politician has cheated on their spouse, to yourself. Sometimes it is even glamorized which I personally find sad. However, that is the world we live in. It has been probably been like that throughout time but it is only more known now with the mass communications system we have now whether it be a social network, a blog, the twenty-four news channels or whatever it may be. 

How does one get over cheating? It is different for everyone and some never get over it. One of the ways I got over someone cheating on me was write a whole book. I always loved writing and always wanted to write a book but when I was so hurt I regressed and wrote a book. You can see that as a theme in my book and hear my pain. However, the hero of my book overcame everything and ended up happy. You can check out this book if you are interested by clicking here.   I actually gave a book to a friend of mine who was cheated on. She read it and saw the theme of the book that there is always hope and always a bright light and the end of the dark tunnel of your life. I believed that while writing the book that I wrote it through my eyes in my life. I was in such a dark place when I was cheated on but had hoped and knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel. It turned out there was a light and I haven’t been happier. That light was my wife who showed me happiness and love. Right now my life is great and will only get greater. There will always be rough patches in your life but you will find a way and find your path. You will find your light at the end of the tunnel. Being cheated on is not the end but it is a new beginning. You will see a new day in your life has come. Please leave some comments and feedback. Share some stories if you have been cheated on and if things ended up good in your life or worse after. I would love to hear from my readers. Just remember a new day will come even if you feel stuck in darkness. I know this may be girly of me but see the song below to illustrate a new day will come. Hope to hear from everyone and thanks for reading.

What the Future Holds

It has been over a week since I started writing in this blog again. I have noticed a few readers coming to the blog and I hope people enjoy it. I know this blog seems disjointed but as the title says it covers everything political, social and things in everyday life from my mind. There will be a lot of cool things coming so don’t you worry. 

As I mentioned I have a few projects on the works. You always know about my book projects which are still in the process. Don’t worry my Fifth Age fans there will be more books and I will finish the series. In fact I am in talks with agents to see if I can go that route. Please check the news section of my book website by clicking here. There you can see information on my book and future books. 

I am also writing a bunch of short stories with the setting of all over Nevada (especially Goldfield). These short stories are horror stories that integrate things in my life, urban legends and other things you see every day. They can be disturbing and others can be satirical as a dark comedy. There is also a lot of twist endings. They are pretty exciting and I might share a couple on this blog.  I also have a surprise about these stories that I will reveal in the future when the time is right. 

I have not forgotten about Goldfield. Like I alluded to earlier in my blog I am planning on some major changes in the town. It will help everyone in town, produce growth and jobs and back to the glory days. It will be glorious and fun at the same time. I hope to get the community to also get involved.  My wife and I have a project we will be starting soon and it will be great. I can’t give the details about it just yet because it will have a great unveiling and something the world can see and participate. We are very excited about it. Stay tuned for that. 

As a follow up to the Resort Fee posting I have found a link that lists the hotels with Resort Fees and how much they are. It is very interesting if you are going to stay at a hotel in Las Vegas to know that on top of paying for the room for your stay you will be charged the extra fees at checkout no matter what. Check out the website by clicking here. 

I started working out hard again to get back into shape like I used to be. It has been a hard week getting back into the flow of things but I have stuck with it and I am already feeling much better. I will update you periodically on this blog on my progress. I will also show you what I have been doing to get back into shape. 

Well that is a little idea of the future. I know it is a little vague but that is half the fun which is the anticipation. This will be an interesting year and hope everyone is ready for it. That is if the world doesn’t end in December but that is another story for a different time. Be prepared for some exciting stuff both locally and across the world as this year will be very exciting. Stay tuned…

It ain’t about how hard ya hit…

As the great Rocky Balboa said in his last movie, “But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Such a true statement especially in times where people are getting beat down, whether people are losing their jobs, houses, relationships or just trying to live paycheck by paycheck. The state of affairs out there is tough and I don’t see it changing in the near future.

However, it is up to you to decide whether to stand up and keep moving forward. You are the only person that can keep yourself going forward and rise from being beat down. I am not saying you need to do it alone and not have support from friends and family but to truly rise from being beat down, one would need to accomplish it on their own without relying on someone to take care of them.

To quote J.F.K (Yes I am quoting Rocky and J.F.K in the same blog), “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Again the idea of the individual trying to help a situation is there. Many problems in this country would be solved if people tried to help themselves and not expect handouts. If you have a dream or goal in life do everything you can to make that dream to come true. You will never accomplish anything unless you try. Don’t expect your dream to be handled to you on a silver platter, unless you win the lottery or something, it takes hard work to make things happen.

Since I started this with Rocky lets use this fictional character as a case study. This will have movie spoilers and if you haven’t seen the Rocky movies (and if you haven’t please crawl out of the rock you are under and watch them) then please don’t read any further as I don’t want to ruin these great movies for you. Anyway, Rocky started out as a low-life, uneducated boxer (ok hired thug) who barely made it by until an opportunity was given him to fight the heavyweight champ. Everyone expected him to lose in the first round of the boxing match. He felt he could not win but he just wanted to go the distance at least. Cue the famous Rocky montage. Rocky trained hard. He didn’t sit around eating twinkies all day or his pet turtles (he did drink raw eggs though which I don’t recommend), he worked very hard and went the distance.

The second movie saw Rocky riding the success of the fight which included doing commercials and not wanting to have a rematch against Apollo. Unfortunately, he could not read. This lead to the boxer working at the meat factory and eventually getting laid off from that. Rocky tried to do everything he could do for his family (including to learn to read) but realized he needed to go back to what he was good at and that was boxing. This lead to him being the champ. He accomplished a dream of his and again did it by hard work. He did what he had to do to for himself and his family (including a new born son).

The next two movies dealt with the success of Rocky and the struggles he dealt with while having money. Even when you are on top you still get dealt with the blows of life. In one situation Rocky is getting handed opponents that were not championship calibur and it got to Rocky’s head. He took less pride in his training and was not working as hard. Finally, a tough opponent challenged Rocky and beat him handily (Of course it was Mr. T). To regain his championship, Rocky would have to train hard again like he used to and find the eye of the tiger (I bet you are singing that catchy tune). He regained his championship because of working hard.

Are you seeing a trend here or do I have to continue any further? The point here is that you can’t expect everything to be handed to you. If you want something badly that you can’t get right now whether it being a job, some new item, a girlfriend, a robot for your drunk brother in-law on his birthday (see Rocky IV) or whatever it may be you have to work hard at it. Life will always try to knock you down and it probably won’t get easier anytime soon. However, it is up to you to pick yourself up and decide to keep moving forward. If the people of this country would just pick themselves up and work hard at attaining their goals then this country would be better as a whole. People need to stop blaming things on others and expect other people to do everything and just work hard themselves. I don’t promise it will easy or that you won’t ever get knocked down by life again, but I do promise you will be a better person in the end. So pick yourself up right now and accomplish your goals and dreams and feel good. 

Let me introduce myself

   Well as the blog suggests my name is David Tyson. I am just your avergae guy that loves to write. I have always enjoyed writing since I was a little kid. I figure a good way to express myself is on a blog. A little information about myself. At the writing of this post I am 27 years olds. I was born in Tonopah, NV and grew up in the small town of Goldfield, NV. I moved to Reno, NV in 2001 to go to college where I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science with minors in Math and History. In 2010 I was accepted in Navy OCS which is Navy Officer Candidate School. I was going to be a Surface Warfare-Information Warfare Officer. However due to gallbladder surgery while at training I had to drop from the program. I am looking to try to get into the DCO program for the Navy Reserves and be an Information Warfare Officer for them. Right now I am living in Henderson, NV and working as a Leads Manager for Frontier Financial Group. Basically I manage the leads and do some programming and database work for the company. I am also a writer. (Plug time). I am writing a series of books called the The Fifth Age. It is books that will span thousands of years that follow the chosen family that determines the fate of the world. That is the short version but there is so much depth. You can check it out and find information about the books and to buy the first book of the series The Fifth Age: Book I: The Quest for the Stone of Power at www.thefifthagebooks.com . Check it out you will probably like it.

That is my professional life. I will let you know some of my personal life. I am married to my wife, Jennifer Tyson. We have been married since November 2nd, 2006 and will be celebrating our four years soon. I have a son named Anakin Tyson. Yes I am a Star Wars fan and think the name is cool. He was born on September 10th, 2007. I am very involved in the Freemasons as I am apart of two Blue Lodges, the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, The Shriners, the Order of Eastern Star, and the Scottish Rite Research Society. I enjoy movies and collect them. My favorite sports are basketball and baseball. I enjoy a lot of T.V. series which would take awhile to list. My favorite books to read are those by Stephen King and Dan Brown. Just some personal information about me.

This blog it just one man’s view of the world. I will talk politics. I will talk social issues and current events. I might just talk about everyday life and my views. Stuff that could range from an issue in Las Vegas, to my bad day at work, to a WWE event I went to. It could be anything. I hope to write at least twice a week or more so please check back often. I will try to make these blogs interesting and hope you keep coming back to read and even comment. You can register and subscribe to do so, just click the register button and pick a username and your email and you will be ready to go and participate. I encourage participation if you agree with me or not. Just keep it clean and mature. I will eventually let a couple of my readers write a blog on here.

So please read and support this blog. I have some links to the left of some personal links of mine. Check them out. I think this blog will be great and need your support. Read, visit often, comment and participate. I hope to see a few subscribers on here the next few days. Thanks for reading and I will hopefully get the next blog post up in the next few days with my first topic. Stay tuned.