Do Not Live at The Pines Apartments in Henderson, NV

This may sound like a bitter rant and I apologize for it but I have to warn anyone about my previous apartment complex I lived in which is The Pines in Henderson, NV. This complex has to be the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in and I have lived in pretty bad places. This rant does not have to do with the community as it appeared to be safe and quiet. However, after analyzing the whole picture this place was actually a not so great place to live. Here are some points about the place that I will warn you about if you decide to move to Henderson: 

–They have the strictest rules that if you don’t follow you will be harassed. If you have a visitor you better make sure they know the rules or they will be really harassed also. Now my family and I never had a problem with the rules and followed them. You can never back up to your parking spot, you can’t have anything on your balcony that isn’t approved by the managers, and you can’t have any pets. My family and I witnessed someone who parked a little over the line where there was no other cars around and in the visitor’s parking and they were harassed by the managers. My three year old son at the time was present and they were cussing and threating police action just for being parked a little over the line. The managers always drive around the complex at night checking to make sure no one is breaking the rules. 

–Now it is one thing to have strict rules but it is different when they choose who to enforce the rules to. There was a no pet policy at this apartment complex yet some had cats and even dogs. People who talk to them regularly in the office got away with breaking the rules whether it is their car or pets. They have a no soliciting rule with signs even posted and yet they allow fellow residents to put flyers on my door soliciting. It they want to have these strict rules then they need to enforce it for everyone. 

–The deposit you pay when you move in is not a security deposit, it is a cleaning deposit. This means before you move in as it was explained by the office that you pay them to clean the apartment for you before you move in. This is not a security deposit so if you have issues with the apartment you will pay full price for anything that may go wrong. If three rooms of carpet are messed up they will charge you carpet for the whole apartment. This comes to around $1400 you will have to pay. I am all for paying for the carpet that is messed up but not for rooms that did not have an issue. I even have proof of the rooms that were not touched but I truly do not have the time and patience to fight it. 

–The facilities are outdated and old. They even require you to change the filter of your heating and cooler system and if you don’t and it breaks it is all on you. That is how old their system is. There were even some infestations of roaches a few times while living there and that is never good. If you could afford it I would pay for a newer apartment complex. Going along with that if you have an injured bird that defecates everywhere and you ask them to handle it and clean it they will refuse to do so. Not only is this unsanitary but it also can cause sickness and disease. 

–The managers always came off and unfriendly and rude. That of course is just a personal opinion and may not reflect their true character but that was what I felt talking with them. My wife especially did not feel comfortable talking with them. They also were hardly ever in the office. This should have been a sign to me when my wife and I were first looking for apartments and their stated hours were 8am-5pm and they were not in until 9:30am.  

 –The thing scares me the most about the management is they do not give receipts for rent payments. Their philosophy is that when you write the check that the bank statement will be your receipt. I have never had an apartment complex that did not deal with receipts. What if they got really mad at you one month and decided to not cash your check and then blame you for not paying rent? I can see that happening and I read a review on the internet stating that did happen to someone. To me that is unsafe and unprofessional.  

I can go on and on about this place but I don’t want to turn this into a thesis paper. I touched on some major points and hope you make the right decision and not move to the complex. I would recommend spending your money on a newer more professional facility that has a better management staff. That is my opinion of the complex and you can take it for what it is worth. Thanks for reading my rant. 

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  1. I too have had problems with this apartment. While googling to try to find the owner’s number I got here I think this is the best I can do. I feel sorry for the owners because they are truly the ones getting the wool pulled over their eyes. Scott the maintenance man was always rude to me and my family. Once my dad was looking for a parking space and Scott swung his car around and got out to yell at him saying he was not supposed to be here and had no business here. He even said he would kick my dad’s ass in front of my mother. After that my parents would no longer visit me which is the main reason behind my moving, though I dare not express it until I am clear of the apartments because, as David said, they will nail your behind for anything that is damaged.

    Every one of my guests had issues with parking. I understand the reasoning for most rules, but when they are enforced blindly they defeat the purpose of the rule in the first place.
    If you park in a row of parking spaces that are empty 10 spaces left and 10 spaces right, all the time, every day, and you happen to hang over the space a little. It should not be a reason to cause argument or leaving notes threatening a tow. If I have my truck backed into a space to unload something heavy and don’t immediately return it to a forward parked position, it should not be a big deal.

    But the main thing that irks me is that they are not there more often than not when I try to go see them. They would show up late, take long lunches, and just plain be missing…all attributed to “had to go to court”. Horse radish, you are slacking because no one oversees you. It’s a quiet place but it’s attributed to all the harassment you have to endure. If you can help it, spend a few extra bucks a month for a newer place that will be a little more accommodating to normal people. Oh and if you’re black or Mexican you had better show up in a suit and tie to get in.

    I too could go on and on. Sherri knows me she will see this hopefully. Just know Scott sent me over the edge by hanging up on me twice in a row. He’s a real gem keep him by your side.

  2. I am sorry you had to go through this and what you said is exactly what myself and family had to go through as you can see above. Thank you for commenting and I hope this helps warn people from staying there.

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