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Hello world. I have not written in this blog since 2015. So much has changed since then I do not know where to begin. I will begin with saying that I will possibly be getting back to this blog soon. Stay tuned for this as a lot of projects are popping up and things have changed a lot since I have been on here.

Stay tuned….

Top 5 “Man Movies” That Are Actually Romantic (in a sense)

I was thinking about these guy movies that if you peel some layers on them there is actually quite a but of romance to them. They are advertised as action or horror but when you look at the subtle context or certain scenes you can see romance and motivations of the movie are because of some kind of romance. Yes I know this is not shocking as a decent movie has to have some plot. It is just some of the movies you think of you or how they were advertised you do not even think of the romance but associate it to violence or something of that nature. Well below are five movies that are consider guy flicks (is that a real category) but have romance in them that drive the plot or are actually a romantic movie with a lot of explosions. Now be warned there are a lot of SPOILERS below about the movies I am going to talk about so if you haven’t seen them and don’t want to be spoiled then skip their section.

5. Rambo First Blood Part II

This is my weakest entry in this list but it is to prove a point. What expression from the 80s and 90s is a term for a one man army destroying machine. No it was not Liam Neeson but one word and that was Rambo (especially after Part II and Rambo 3). Yes Rambo was a character known for action and explosions and a lot of killing. The ultimate action movies. However, in Part II Rambo had a female companion with him and actually shared a kiss. Here is the romance and the aftermath of the romance below:

Now I know you are thinking that this was only a few seconds of the whole movie but listen to what they say. Rambo and the girl (Co) was going to sneak to safety and go back to America and live a happy life. However, as you saw that was not the case and because of the actions of killing Rambo’s girlfriend well he went Rambo on all of them as you can see.

So because he lost his girl he went back to get revenge, rescue POWs, and basically be the one many army he was known as. I will leave you with this last act of revenge from Rambo for the killing of his girl:


4. The Village

This movie was marketed to people as a horror movie. All the trailers and TV spots I saw said this was going to be a movie about some villagers and monsters that keep them there. This movie was basically a romantic movie that had the Shyamalan twist that he was known for in his earlier films. Everyone I knew expected a horror film but it was a romantic film. This is evidenced by the two main characters of Ivy Walker (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix). They are obvious in love with each other but do not really come out and say it but their actions and motivations prove otherwise. For an example when the “monsters” attack the village look at the two characters and Ivy reaches out for her man and how determined Lucius is to make sure she is safe.

A pretty powerful scene but the whole movie is basically about their love story. The climax deals with after Lucius was stabbed Ivy has to brave beyond the boundries to the “towns” to get medicine to save her love. Remember she is blind (which is why the elders let her go) which shows her determination and strength to save the one she loves and would risk anything for him. Again something very romantic. Here is an example of this (warning the video spoils the twist):

So I included this movie as an example where advertising shows you one thing but it is really somethign else. In this case a romance story.

3.The Matrix Trilogy

When people think of the Matrix they think of science fiction, action, fighting, special effects. This is all true but throughout the trilogy there was one contstant which was the romance between Neo and Trinity. Lets go through some spoilers about this. In the first movie Neo dies and is brought back by a kiss from Trinity and it was told she would fall in love with the One. The second movie Neo has a dream of his love Trinity dying and it affects through the movie and in the end she does die but it is his powers and love that brings her back to life as she did in the first one. He stuck his hand into her heart but similar concept. The you have the third movie where it about them together going on a mission to save humanity and they have a soft scene when she dies in the real world. Between all the action, special effects and philosophy there is the love story of Trinity and Neo. You can see this love in their final moments together right here:

You see romance played a lot with the motivations and drove the plot in these films. Don’t believe me that there was a lot of romance in these films then take look at this fan made video that shows a lot of moments between the two loves:

2. Braveheart

Braveheart was a movie known for it’s violent war scenes and is considered a big epic. It has a lot of violence but it you break the context of the film you will see the romance through it all. William Wallace wanted to come home and settle down and marry a girl he has loved all of his life. Again spoilers but the reason he goes to battle with the British was because they killed his wife. He did not like the British and wanted Scotland to be free but he was going to settle down with Murron and be a farmer. So basically all the fightign we see in the movie and the war was because of love. I will not go into details more because it is pretty obvious but even today people do not see that it is basically a war because of romance and loss and even before his death he still thinks of her. The next three clips is one of the romantic scenes and two fan made tributes showing the romance in this bloody violent movie that is known more for that then the reason and motivation of the war which is love.

1. The Terminator

Like Rambo when people think of an action movie from the 80s and 90s they bring up the Terminator. I mean come on it about a killer robot from the future to kill the mother of human’s leader before he is born. Lots of guns and shootouts and of course action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is no time for romance right? Nope the whole reason the human protector goes back in time is because he loves Sarah Connor even though he never met her. He came back in time for her. You can see this in the clip below but be warned it is not safe for work. Somehow youtube allowed some nudity in this video so it will probably be taken off soon but it is a powerful scene:

Now tell me ladies what if a guy told you what Kyle said above? Well you would probably call the cops because you would think he is psycho. However, just imagine you believed him. Someone would travel back in time not knowing if they would survive the unstoppable machine to try to protect you because he loved you? See his whole motivation is love so this in sense is more of a love story than an action movie. It could be argued either way. Here is another fan video about the love aspect of the movie that even bleeds onto Terminator 2. Again a movie known for action has a very strong romantic tone to it once you peel it back a little.



Well there you have. Now I know there are many movies with examples of this and probably better movies to show the point but these are some I thought of on the top of my head. Yes I know not all action or horror films are mindless fun with no plot but this just shows that some movies that are knwon for somethign else does have a strong romantic theme to it in the background. So ladies the next time you want to go see a chick flick maybe follow your guys suggestion to see this action film. If you can block out the explosions and violence you might see the romance of the story that could suprise you. Or not and you guys might be dragged to a chick flick but I thought it was interesting looking at these movies a different way than what they are known for.

Comment and let me know what you think. Do you agree with the examples above or am I just reaching a little? Do you have some examples of movies that were presented as this big action or horror but really was a romantic film at heart? Let me know and we can discuss.


Below is the first promo for GFPRS. What is it you ask? Keep checking back to find out. You may have an idea but is it really what you are thinking? GFPRS is coming soon. Please comment on your thoughts about it and what you think it is. Like the video and subscribe to my youtube channel because more videos will be coming and reveal more. It will be a great project for Goldfield. Stay tuned…


Short Story Release

Thank you for reading here are two short stories I released on Amazon.

The Hitchhiker



John Sanders is driving on a business trip from Las Vegas to Reno, NV. He picks up a young ghostly looking female hitchhiker in the small town of Goldfield, NV. A tragic discovery is revealed through the encounter with the hitchhiker.Read this 2000 word short horror story by David Tyson set around the small town he grew up. A chilling tale in the ghost town of Goldfield, NV.
Rich Anderson had it all. A great career, a loving family and a wonderful life. This changed one day after a tragic accident caused his world to go in a different direction. Now he is the shell of the man he once was and is always working late until one night his past catches up to him and someone starts stalking him.Read the 6000 word short horror-thriller story by David Tyson. A tale that could happen anywhere to anyone. A tale where your past can come back to haunt you. A tale to chill your bone.

Computers and the Internet

Have you checked your Facebook or Twitter today? Did you pay your bills online? Did you make a stock transaction, read the news or applied for a job online? Did you send an email? Are you currently reading my blog? Answering yes means that you probably have a device that has the internet whether it is a computer or some mobile device. Also this means that this technology probably is part of your everyday life. Now imagine that all computers and the internet are taken away from you for a month or two. How would you react? 

In today’s society computing devices and the internet are a part life. A lot of people would go crazy without this for over a month and it is sad to say that I would probably be one of those people. We use it for personal, entertainment, and business reasons. My whole job (database administrator) and college degree (computer science) is based on this technology. Without it what would I be today, probably a writer or something… wait a minute. 

Anyway not only is this technology a part of my career it is also my personal life. I use my cell phone to text my wife to always talk with her since I travel a lot. I use Facebook to communicate with others and to let them know about my blog posts. I read and look up stuff for education or entertainment purposes. Computers and the internet are a great thing and makes life easier and more convenient. I do all my banking and pay almost all the bills online. I probably spend 80% of the day on the computer during a work week and that is the minimum. It is sad but it is true. Believe me I would love to go out to travel more and see things but don’t have the time. I am writing this now with this great and wonderful technology that I am sorta dependent on in my life. 

That is the problem though. The majority of the world is dependent on computers and the internet. If it was all taken away in a quick flash the world would go in chaos for a while. I am sure the world’s markets would crash. Communication would be close to a standstill and so on. Think that new series Revolution or Falling Skies or even Walking Dead.  We need it because we conduct so much business with it in our lives.  

The other side of that is as we come more dependent on it could eventually eliminate a lot of things we do in our life. It would be in a world where we never have to leave house and conduct our life from there. Everything could be delivered to us, we could work from home, and we could take special supplements to keep our bodies healthy. We could end just hooking up to a machine to experience life outside of the house similar to that movie Surrogates. Or the computers and the internet could become self-aware and become a life form of their own. Then they would probably take over the world like in The Terminator or Matrix movies.  

Now I know in the three examples above are extreme cases but it is true that most of the world is dependent on computers and the internet. Who knows this also may be a cause of the obesity problem in America right now because everyone wants to be on the computer. Also how it seems the social scene is getting more regulated to the internet and not the “traditional way.” People need to check their Facebook in case they missed something or need to talk to someone. TV shows will tell you to #that and #this just because now it is important to be trending. People need to check their Twitter to see what their favorite celebrity is talking about. People need to hurry and pay that bill online. Don’t forget to check on sports shows or download a movie while you are waiting at the airport. Also don’t forget to read this blog and comment on it because why not? 

I am not saying the technology is bad. I mean I love and I said I use it every day. I just feel that the world is too dependent on it and it seems like it is going to get even worse in the future. I guess that is true though with any invention and advancement in society that makes things easier because humankind seems to like to go the easy way and not the hard way. I do imagine a simpler life and wish the world could go in that direction but I know that will never happen. Now I have to go post this on my blog and let my friends know on Facebook and Twitter that I posted a new blog while texting my wife and listening music I downloaded from iTunes on my iPod while waiting for a database to restore at my work. 

What are your thoughts on computers and the internet in society? Do you think we as a people are now too dependent on it? Do you think one of the three scenarios I mentioned could happen? I think being taken out by Cyber Warfare will be the future of wars and markets will crash and countries overthrown. That is just my thought. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.           


I am going to come out and say that I always find the villain in books or movies to be the most compelling and interesting characters. While I don’t condone their actions because let’s face it they are usually very evil and do horrible things. However, I just find their characters to be more interesting because most heroes are written or made to be extremely good which makes them not so interesting. Sometimes you may find yourself rooting for the villain, which is not good but it is how the character is portrayed. 

I know I am not the only one that feels this way so why do we find the villain to be a more interesting character? I feel there may be a couple of reasons. One is we as a whole are not perfect. We look at the hero and see how great he or she is and know we are not perfect like that (Yes I know there are some grey heroes but I will get to that). We see the villain who has faults and we can relate because we might have those faults. A villain could have been abused as a child or had a traumatic life and some people relate to that. Some villains are just too smart for their own good and may had the perfect life but wants more as we all do in life.  Another reason is we all have a dark side and looking at the villain on screen or reading in a book can give the dark part of psyche a release that it needs.  

My favorite villain of all time is Iago from the Shakespeare play Othello. I bet you were surprised by that because you probably thought I would say Darth Vader or something like that (Yes he is cool also). I just find him a compelling villain. He manipulates everyone and has others do him dirty work for him all while he smiles and watch the tragedy unfold before him. That is until the end where he didn’t figure in one variable. Now again I don’t condone what he did but this is a truly interesting villain. What does that say about me? I guess you can say I like intelligence as a way to do things in life and when a villain is intelligent like that then I guess I am drawn to that. The smart villain who usually is in the public as a good guy but it planning things and manipulating things behind the scenes is in my opinion the best villain. He is loved while do his bad things that people don’t know about. Read Othello to check out what I mean, or you people that don’t like to read you can check out the movies or if you really don’t want that old Shakespeare stuff then check out the movie O which is a modern retelling of it. 

Now I mentioned I would talk about why some heroes are more interesting than others. An example of this is the differences between Batman and Superman. Most people I talk to are more interested in Batman than Superman. They say that Superman is too good and perfect. Batman is flawed and has issues and in a sense is a dark character. Again this shows people find a flawed hero to be more interesting and relates to them. 

I don’t know maybe society just likes flawed characters in today’s world. Maybe we no longer strive for perfection and look for the character we can relate to. Maybe we are jealous of the good person. I know for the most part people are good but we all have a little dark side which maybes in today’s society gravitates us to the flawed character or the villain.  

Sorry this is a short blog and I haven’t been writing much lately but I have been so busy with work these past few weeks. I am trying to get on it more. So what is your favorite villain or type of villain? Do you find villains more interesting than heroes anymore? Why do you think people find villains more interesting? Maybe I am totally wrong and if I am then please tell me why I am wrong? 

Look for some more blog posts coming soon including the Shining book review. Please comment.   


Small Town Life

As I been discussing lately is small town life. Many people reading my reviews of Salem’s Lot have been asking me if I think negatively about small towns. The answer to thank is a definite no. I would not have my residence in Goldfield, NV if I did not like small towns. While it is true that I travel a lot and I am in Vegas a lot it is because of my job. Even if I had my residence in Las Vegas I would still be traveling a lot.  

Yes it is true that some people would say that living in a small town has its drawbacks. The kids to young adults will say there is nothing to do. If something happens to you then the whole town will know shortly. Sometimes before you even know it has happened. If you are new to the town (or returning after many years of being gone) the town will think of you as an outsider. More on that subject later. You have gossips. You have cliques. If you make someone upset even for the smallest thing they will try to get even with you from spreading rumors or lies about you, too extreme like messing with you or poisoning your pet.   

It is true this happens in small towns and people mention it all the time but I still find it is better than living in a larger town or city. You do have a sense of community that is positive. People will show up to town events and you will know most of the people there and feel comfortable. You can converse with someone you haven’t talked to in a while or see how everyone you know is doing. If you don’t know someone it is fine because they probably heard about you someway and vice versa and you can still make good conversation. 

A lot of local people are very helpful when the need arises. If you need to borrow something people will usually let you use it. If they don’t have it then they probably have a suggestion about who does. Even people stranded in town from a flat tire there will be people to help them out.  

One of the biggest things in a small town is the freedom. Most of the properties in my town are each on their own block and unlike the city where you are crunched next to each other you actually have the space and freedom to do what you want in privacy. Along with that there is not much hassle from the local government.  

I love the peace and quiet in the small town. It is so relaxing especially coming home after a long week at work. I get to be away from the stresses and traffic of the “big city” and come home to relax. Whether it just hanging with the family, going for a walk or something. I don’t have to worry about much crime and I don’t have to worry much about the safety of my kid as opposed to a larger town or city. 

I lived in Goldfield for 18 years. While most of the people I grew up with have moved, passed away and new people have moved in I still find Goldfield as my home. My family and I love it there. Even though we are treated as new people despite me growing up there it is still my home. I moved back there January of this year after being away for almost 11 years. The many changes to the people of the town do make me the new guy and it will probably be awhile until I “belong” to the town again but it will happen. 

As I stated a few times in this blog I have plans for the future of Goldfield. It is great plans that will help Goldfield and the people in Goldfield. The plans are still there and will be done but it has been delayed because of stuff that has happened the past few months. Have no fear they are still there and will still go through. A lot of the projects will come up.  

If you live in a small town what do you think about it? If you live in a big city why do you think it is better than living in a small town? What issues do you see in the small town life? If you live in the Goldfield and Tonopah area what changes would you like to see? Please register and comment below so I can hear from you. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and will have more content coming soon. I have some plans for it so stay tuned for that.

Love and Marriage

What does love and marriage mean these days? Too many times I see relationships not working and it appears a lot of times it stems from either cheating or the people not truly committing to each other and still “living” their single life. I always hear a married person tell me that they went partying a lot the other night and saw this hot chick and had strippers or something of that nature. I mean is this really what love and marriage has come to? 

Love and marriage to me is a lifetime commitment where you spend the rest of your time with the one who love. It is not where you get married and in a year or two get bored and want to mess around and say you need your space. You are married and this should be a commitment that should not be taken lightly. It takes both people involved to make it work and it isn’t easy. If it was easy then the divorce rate would be so low. The two people should know what they want out of the marriage and stick to it. 

I will tell you what love and marriage means to me. This way of thinking and believing may not work for everyone but it has worked so well for me with almost six years of marriage of my wife.  

After a rough couple of relationships before meeting my wife, I knew I had to get serious and find someone I was compatible with. I dated a few different people and they were just not for me. Trust was a major factor at the time for obvious reasons. Again as I mentioned in my Decision blog that you can read here, I was upset with my job and was looking to just get out of Reno. I called in a favor to see if I can get a job interview in southern California. I did and looked at myspace profiles of people that lived down there to start making friends and meeting people.  

One of the first people to pop up on my search was my wife. I thought she was cute and sounded cool so I messaged her. She actually just put a myspace profile up just recently and wasn’t ever going to do one until her friend set one up for her. See what I mean when I say things happen for a reason. Well we were talking and got to know each other. I finally got the interview and went down her and met her in person weeks before the interview so I can see the town and meet her. 

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was amazing and I felt this girl was something special already. She was not like any person I have met before. When I left I wanted to start being with her even though I lived six hours away and didn’t even know I was going to get the job. She even told her family about me (which is a big deal) and told them that I will be the guy she would be married to. 

There was so much chemistry and feeling that we could feel something special. The job eventually said they did not have a position for my field of work. I was hurt (but it ended up being the best thing which is a story for another time) but I continued traveling six hours when I could to see my wife on the weekends and such. I emailed her, myspaced her and called her whenever I could (and I hate talking on the phone). Eventually we got married. 

Now after that backstory you ask well what does love and marriage mean to me? I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think of is happy I am married to such a beautiful wife. The next thing I think of is what I can do to make sure my wife is happy. I look at her every day and know she is the most beautiful person I have ever saw and tell her that and mean it. On special days I make sure it is very special (get her the gift she always wanted, show her the time of her life, be romantic, write poems etc). Even on days that are just normal days I try to make her feel special because seeing her smile is the highlight of my day. Feeling that I made my wife and best friend have a great time is the best feeling in the world. 

I am always there for my wife when she is down or having a problem and always try to help it through it the best way I can. We try to find common things we like to do and do them together even if we don’t really like doing it because we love each other. We give and take. We don’t need to go out and party all the time and be apart because why would you want to be apart from someone so great. I want to be with my wife and enjoy being around her because she makes me happy. Even when we make each other upset we always make up and resolve the issues and are our happy self again. 

There are always ups and downs in a marriage and nothing is perfect. However there are always more ups then downs in our marriage and we always work through them. The biggest down right now is I am gone a lot because of my job and we don’t get to see each other every day like we used to. However that was a sacrifice we made and decided together for the better of the family and our plans for the future. We communicate everything together and support each other’s decisions. That makes a strong marriage. Finally every night before I go to sleep I think how lucky I am to find someone so special. That completes every aspect of me. How I could not imagine my life without her with me and that I can’t wait to wake up and be with her again. 

That is what I feel love and marriage means to me. It is the biggest commitment of your life and you must be strong and know that is what you really want. You can’t destroy it by not fully committing to it. You can’t do things that will destroy the marriage and hurt the one you supposedly love more than anything on this planet. Comment below and tell me what the meaning of love and marriage is to you? Is there anything I missed above? Am I completely wrong and if so why? I want to hear from you. 

On a side note I actually am almost done reading Salem’s Lot and will hopefully be doing some reviews on that and the movies in the next couple of weeks. So watch out for those. Thanks for reading.   


Have you ever wondered might have been if you made a different decision in your life? I always look back and examine the decisions and choices I made in life. From minor ones like I should have turned left instead of right to major ones like quitting your job to pursue a dream. We all have made some decisions in our life that changed the course of our life. Everyone has regrets on decisions they have made. However looking back in my life I am happy with every decision I made. Even the bad decisions because they made me the person I am today. It has brought me to where I am today. I have been married for five and a half years to a wonderful wife. I have a great four year old son. I have an awesome family. I have a job that I actually enjoy and love. I am living where my wife and I has wanted to live since we were married. All of this because of the decisions I have made in my life both good and bad.  I am under the impression that everything happens for a reason and I can see that looking back at the decisions I have made in the past. It seems like every decision has lead me making another decision that lead me to where I am now. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of decisions that lead me to my current career. This is very top level stuff and not specific but it will illustrate what I mean about how decisions lead you to where you are. 

As you know I am currently a DBA (Database Administrator) for the company I work for which of course is in the computer field. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed computers. My dad would always get computers and let me use them. Computers like the Commodore 64, Amiga 2000 to modern computers of today. I decided at a young age that computers were definitely the future. I mean after seeing the original Terminator there was something up with these crazy machines. I always kept up with the latest computer technology and even school officials at both middle school and high school would ask me questions about computers when there is something wrong with them.  My love of computers leads me to apply at UNR for a Computer Science degree. I decided to stay in the dorms for my first year of college. Now this leads me to meet a college friend of mine. By meeting him we decided to live off campus with other roommates the following year. He got a job at a store. I decided I needed a job and he got me a job at the store while he left the store to work somewhere else. I decided to work hard at the job and it got me promoted to a senior position. Later I decided I wanted a higher paying job so because of my experience at this store I got hired at a different retail store. I decided to work hard there and once again I was promoted to a senior position at the store.  

I graduated college after four years and with my degree I wanted a higher paying job (and some other reasons but that is story for another time) so I got my first Software Engineering track with a casino company in Reno. I continued up the software engineering rank getting promotions until I actually got upset with some things in the company. I even started looking for other jobs (which is how I met my wife from southern California which is also another story for another time, see how those decisions affect your life) in other places. Finally I decided to change departments in the company which was ok at first but found out was not a good decision because I could never move back up (However as you will find out it ended up being a good decision).  Finally I had enough of the company and the way they treated me that I decided to pursue another dream of mine which was to be an officer in the Navy. I was accepted and went to OCS for training. This also caused me to get debt free which is another story for another time. I had to get surgery while at OCS and eventually had to drop from the program. It was a hard decision but I had to do it for my health. I went back jobless and me being one that wants to work to support my family I searched for a job quickly in a market that was not good at the time. I even tried to go back to my old company but they decided against it. After three weeks of being out of work I found a database job in Las Vegas where I never saw myself ever living.  

I worked hard at the Vegas job but the company environment was not for me. I decided again to look for another job and I found it. It was with the casino company I am current working with right now. I got it because of my extensive database knowledge and because of my experience working in that second department for the first casino company. This job is great because I do stuff I know very well and I get to travel which is what I love. This also allowed me to live in Goldfield and make a lot of money and more opportunities.  This is just a small snippet of what lead me to where I am now with my career. You can see stuff from just meeting someone in college or getting mad at something at work can change your whole life. It is amazing when you go back and think about it. I will take all the good and bad decisions because they made me the person I am today. Do I wish I could change the mistakes I made in the past? I wish I could say that I do but I don’t. Who knows where I would be now if I did? Sometimes you have to fall hard and crash to bring yourself up. I have had bad times and made wrong decisions where I thought life would be bad. However sometimes you have to fall to come back stronger. 

For the future I plan to work harder on my writing which I have been and it is starting to pick up. Also I still have those plans for the Goldfield area so stayed tuned for that. See more decisions I am making. Let’s see where they bring me.    I want everyone to think about some aspect of their life and think of the decisions that lead you to where you are. It could be a career, your love life or where you are right now. Do you see major decisions that lead you to where you are even the bad ones? Do you wish you could change your decisions or are you like me and am happy for the decisions I made whether good or bad? Comment below and tell me some things you decided that lead you to where you are. I want to hear from you. Thanks for reading and hopefully next week I will have the Stephen King Carrie movie reviews up. My copy of Carrie broke because of the great care the airlines take when handling your bags. Stay tuned for those and any other blog posts.

Long week but will write a bit next week

Sorry everyone I know I said I was back but sometimes in my job I have to travel accross the country and work some long hours on a project. This week was the case so that I why I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted to. I will get going again next week as I will be in Nevada working regular hours. Probably get a personal blog up and maybe reviews of the three Carrie movies I have coming. Until then enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and always remember what the day stands for and not just as a long weekend to have out of work.