Small Town Life

As I been discussing lately is small town life. Many people reading my reviews of Salem’s Lot have been asking me if I think negatively about small towns. The answer to thank is a definite no. I would not have my residence in Goldfield, NV if I did not like small towns. While it is true that I travel a lot and I am in Vegas a lot it is because of my job. Even if I had my residence in Las Vegas I would still be traveling a lot.  

Yes it is true that some people would say that living in a small town has its drawbacks. The kids to young adults will say there is nothing to do. If something happens to you then the whole town will know shortly. Sometimes before you even know it has happened. If you are new to the town (or returning after many years of being gone) the town will think of you as an outsider. More on that subject later. You have gossips. You have cliques. If you make someone upset even for the smallest thing they will try to get even with you from spreading rumors or lies about you, too extreme like messing with you or poisoning your pet.   

It is true this happens in small towns and people mention it all the time but I still find it is better than living in a larger town or city. You do have a sense of community that is positive. People will show up to town events and you will know most of the people there and feel comfortable. You can converse with someone you haven’t talked to in a while or see how everyone you know is doing. If you don’t know someone it is fine because they probably heard about you someway and vice versa and you can still make good conversation. 

A lot of local people are very helpful when the need arises. If you need to borrow something people will usually let you use it. If they don’t have it then they probably have a suggestion about who does. Even people stranded in town from a flat tire there will be people to help them out.  

One of the biggest things in a small town is the freedom. Most of the properties in my town are each on their own block and unlike the city where you are crunched next to each other you actually have the space and freedom to do what you want in privacy. Along with that there is not much hassle from the local government.  

I love the peace and quiet in the small town. It is so relaxing especially coming home after a long week at work. I get to be away from the stresses and traffic of the “big city” and come home to relax. Whether it just hanging with the family, going for a walk or something. I don’t have to worry about much crime and I don’t have to worry much about the safety of my kid as opposed to a larger town or city. 

I lived in Goldfield for 18 years. While most of the people I grew up with have moved, passed away and new people have moved in I still find Goldfield as my home. My family and I love it there. Even though we are treated as new people despite me growing up there it is still my home. I moved back there January of this year after being away for almost 11 years. The many changes to the people of the town do make me the new guy and it will probably be awhile until I “belong” to the town again but it will happen. 

As I stated a few times in this blog I have plans for the future of Goldfield. It is great plans that will help Goldfield and the people in Goldfield. The plans are still there and will be done but it has been delayed because of stuff that has happened the past few months. Have no fear they are still there and will still go through. A lot of the projects will come up.  

If you live in a small town what do you think about it? If you live in a big city why do you think it is better than living in a small town? What issues do you see in the small town life? If you live in the Goldfield and Tonopah area what changes would you like to see? Please register and comment below so I can hear from you. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and will have more content coming soon. I have some plans for it so stay tuned for that.