The long awaited anthology has finally been released.

Pick up your copy at Amazon here: Ghosts

Here is the blurb:

Thirteen authors from around the world bring you fourteen dark and disturbing ghost stories. With over 64,000 words that will chill your bone and keep you up all night, this anthology brings horror to a new level.
The Seventh Step by Judi Calhoun- A boy starts seeing eyes from the seventh step of his house which leads to horror unimaginable to him.

The Hat Man by Earl Bartel- A ghostly entity called the Hat Man must perform his duty again, but who is the Hat Man?

Chinese Buttons by Aaron Smith- “Furniture is the product of the thoughts of evil men” A man’s grandmother dies and the world will never be the same again.

Already There by Jeffrey Todd- A woman still mourns the death of her husband and child but have they really left?

The Inheritance by Kay Glass- A death of a baby in 1804 and a childless couple inherits a house in 2014. The darkness of what happens will leave you speechless.

House of the Goat Monster By Jim Goforth- Kathryn’s car broke down as she was lost. A ghostly child leads her to a house where one of the darkest stories in the anthology begin. Be warned this is not for the faint of heart.

Incorporeal Beings by Jonathan Nichols- Young adults go visit the haunted Denwood Manor where the spirits take a keen interest in them.

Drains in the floor by M.J. Pack- A ghost hunter at a campus tells a young student a horrific tale with horrific implications.

The Moat by W. Whitethorn- A cottage across the moat harbors a horrific secret and something does not want people to cross the moat.

Cherry Creek by Arthur Doweyko- Minnie lives in a town in Nevada in the year 1881. A series of events occur which leads to a ghostly realization.

The Broadcast Circle by Aline Boucher Kaplan- A woman driving home on a back road realizes her gift and a mystery ensues with a spiritual encounter.

Rapid Departure by Christopher Davis- Dean departs on a late flight and a man recounts a gruesome tale.

The Goldfield Hotel by David Tyson- Two college students explore the Goldfield Hotel and discover that local stories just might be true.

The Hitchhiker by David Tyson- John drives through the small town of Goldfield, NV and picks up a strange young girl.




Below is the first promo for GFPRS. What is it you ask? Keep checking back to find out. You may have an idea but is it really what you are thinking? GFPRS is coming soon. Please comment on your thoughts about it and what you think it is. Like the video and subscribe to my youtube channel because more videos will be coming and reveal more. It will be a great project for Goldfield. Stay tuned…


Short Story Release

Thank you for reading here are two short stories I released on Amazon.

The Hitchhiker



John Sanders is driving on a business trip from Las Vegas to Reno, NV. He picks up a young ghostly looking female hitchhiker in the small town of Goldfield, NV. A tragic discovery is revealed through the encounter with the hitchhiker.Read this 2000 word short horror story by David Tyson set around the small town he grew up. A chilling tale in the ghost town of Goldfield, NV.
Rich Anderson had it all. A great career, a loving family and a wonderful life. This changed one day after a tragic accident caused his world to go in a different direction. Now he is the shell of the man he once was and is always working late until one night his past catches up to him and someone starts stalking him.Read the 6000 word short horror-thriller story by David Tyson. A tale that could happen anywhere to anyone. A tale where your past can come back to haunt you. A tale to chill your bone.

Small Town Life

As I been discussing lately is small town life. Many people reading my reviews of Salem’s Lot have been asking me if I think negatively about small towns. The answer to thank is a definite no. I would not have my residence in Goldfield, NV if I did not like small towns. While it is true that I travel a lot and I am in Vegas a lot it is because of my job. Even if I had my residence in Las Vegas I would still be traveling a lot.  

Yes it is true that some people would say that living in a small town has its drawbacks. The kids to young adults will say there is nothing to do. If something happens to you then the whole town will know shortly. Sometimes before you even know it has happened. If you are new to the town (or returning after many years of being gone) the town will think of you as an outsider. More on that subject later. You have gossips. You have cliques. If you make someone upset even for the smallest thing they will try to get even with you from spreading rumors or lies about you, too extreme like messing with you or poisoning your pet.   

It is true this happens in small towns and people mention it all the time but I still find it is better than living in a larger town or city. You do have a sense of community that is positive. People will show up to town events and you will know most of the people there and feel comfortable. You can converse with someone you haven’t talked to in a while or see how everyone you know is doing. If you don’t know someone it is fine because they probably heard about you someway and vice versa and you can still make good conversation. 

A lot of local people are very helpful when the need arises. If you need to borrow something people will usually let you use it. If they don’t have it then they probably have a suggestion about who does. Even people stranded in town from a flat tire there will be people to help them out.  

One of the biggest things in a small town is the freedom. Most of the properties in my town are each on their own block and unlike the city where you are crunched next to each other you actually have the space and freedom to do what you want in privacy. Along with that there is not much hassle from the local government.  

I love the peace and quiet in the small town. It is so relaxing especially coming home after a long week at work. I get to be away from the stresses and traffic of the “big city” and come home to relax. Whether it just hanging with the family, going for a walk or something. I don’t have to worry about much crime and I don’t have to worry much about the safety of my kid as opposed to a larger town or city. 

I lived in Goldfield for 18 years. While most of the people I grew up with have moved, passed away and new people have moved in I still find Goldfield as my home. My family and I love it there. Even though we are treated as new people despite me growing up there it is still my home. I moved back there January of this year after being away for almost 11 years. The many changes to the people of the town do make me the new guy and it will probably be awhile until I “belong” to the town again but it will happen. 

As I stated a few times in this blog I have plans for the future of Goldfield. It is great plans that will help Goldfield and the people in Goldfield. The plans are still there and will be done but it has been delayed because of stuff that has happened the past few months. Have no fear they are still there and will still go through. A lot of the projects will come up.  

If you live in a small town what do you think about it? If you live in a big city why do you think it is better than living in a small town? What issues do you see in the small town life? If you live in the Goldfield and Tonopah area what changes would you like to see? Please register and comment below so I can hear from you. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and will have more content coming soon. I have some plans for it so stay tuned for that.


Have you ever wondered might have been if you made a different decision in your life? I always look back and examine the decisions and choices I made in life. From minor ones like I should have turned left instead of right to major ones like quitting your job to pursue a dream. We all have made some decisions in our life that changed the course of our life. Everyone has regrets on decisions they have made. However looking back in my life I am happy with every decision I made. Even the bad decisions because they made me the person I am today. It has brought me to where I am today. I have been married for five and a half years to a wonderful wife. I have a great four year old son. I have an awesome family. I have a job that I actually enjoy and love. I am living where my wife and I has wanted to live since we were married. All of this because of the decisions I have made in my life both good and bad.  I am under the impression that everything happens for a reason and I can see that looking back at the decisions I have made in the past. It seems like every decision has lead me making another decision that lead me to where I am now. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of decisions that lead me to my current career. This is very top level stuff and not specific but it will illustrate what I mean about how decisions lead you to where you are. 

As you know I am currently a DBA (Database Administrator) for the company I work for which of course is in the computer field. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed computers. My dad would always get computers and let me use them. Computers like the Commodore 64, Amiga 2000 to modern computers of today. I decided at a young age that computers were definitely the future. I mean after seeing the original Terminator there was something up with these crazy machines. I always kept up with the latest computer technology and even school officials at both middle school and high school would ask me questions about computers when there is something wrong with them.  My love of computers leads me to apply at UNR for a Computer Science degree. I decided to stay in the dorms for my first year of college. Now this leads me to meet a college friend of mine. By meeting him we decided to live off campus with other roommates the following year. He got a job at a store. I decided I needed a job and he got me a job at the store while he left the store to work somewhere else. I decided to work hard at the job and it got me promoted to a senior position. Later I decided I wanted a higher paying job so because of my experience at this store I got hired at a different retail store. I decided to work hard there and once again I was promoted to a senior position at the store.  

I graduated college after four years and with my degree I wanted a higher paying job (and some other reasons but that is story for another time) so I got my first Software Engineering track with a casino company in Reno. I continued up the software engineering rank getting promotions until I actually got upset with some things in the company. I even started looking for other jobs (which is how I met my wife from southern California which is also another story for another time, see how those decisions affect your life) in other places. Finally I decided to change departments in the company which was ok at first but found out was not a good decision because I could never move back up (However as you will find out it ended up being a good decision).  Finally I had enough of the company and the way they treated me that I decided to pursue another dream of mine which was to be an officer in the Navy. I was accepted and went to OCS for training. This also caused me to get debt free which is another story for another time. I had to get surgery while at OCS and eventually had to drop from the program. It was a hard decision but I had to do it for my health. I went back jobless and me being one that wants to work to support my family I searched for a job quickly in a market that was not good at the time. I even tried to go back to my old company but they decided against it. After three weeks of being out of work I found a database job in Las Vegas where I never saw myself ever living.  

I worked hard at the Vegas job but the company environment was not for me. I decided again to look for another job and I found it. It was with the casino company I am current working with right now. I got it because of my extensive database knowledge and because of my experience working in that second department for the first casino company. This job is great because I do stuff I know very well and I get to travel which is what I love. This also allowed me to live in Goldfield and make a lot of money and more opportunities.  This is just a small snippet of what lead me to where I am now with my career. You can see stuff from just meeting someone in college or getting mad at something at work can change your whole life. It is amazing when you go back and think about it. I will take all the good and bad decisions because they made me the person I am today. Do I wish I could change the mistakes I made in the past? I wish I could say that I do but I don’t. Who knows where I would be now if I did? Sometimes you have to fall hard and crash to bring yourself up. I have had bad times and made wrong decisions where I thought life would be bad. However sometimes you have to fall to come back stronger. 

For the future I plan to work harder on my writing which I have been and it is starting to pick up. Also I still have those plans for the Goldfield area so stayed tuned for that. See more decisions I am making. Let’s see where they bring me.    I want everyone to think about some aspect of their life and think of the decisions that lead you to where you are. It could be a career, your love life or where you are right now. Do you see major decisions that lead you to where you are even the bad ones? Do you wish you could change your decisions or are you like me and am happy for the decisions I made whether good or bad? Comment below and tell me some things you decided that lead you to where you are. I want to hear from you. Thanks for reading and hopefully next week I will have the Stephen King Carrie movie reviews up. My copy of Carrie broke because of the great care the airlines take when handling your bags. Stay tuned for those and any other blog posts.

An Upsetting Day

An upsetting day today but it is for the best. As some of you know we had issues getting our home loan approved due to the fact that I worked in Las Vegas and they didn’t want to approve a loan because they did not believe I would actually live there and they never heard someone living in Goldfield and working in Las Vegas. 

We decided to go ahead and rent the house to have proof I am living in the house and also working in Las Vegas. So that is going great and we love the house. So why do you ask it is an upsetting day but it will be for the best?  We discovered a great loan program with Nevada State Bank for the house that has a very low interest rate, low payments and will able to pay off the house in ten years instead of the usual twenty or thirty. Now that is something great and would love to do. However, this deal requires a large down payment. This is the part that is upsetting not because I have to save some money for the next few months but because I will have to delay my current projects I have for Goldfield and the projects my wife and I have. It will probably be delayed a year. The reason a lot of these will be delayed is because I would be investing my own money to see the good things to the community would happen and the projects my wife and I had. 

It is for the best though in the long run because once I save enough money I will be able to have that permanent feeling of living in Goldfield. I apologize about this as I was very excited for the near future. However, have no fear I will still be working on the projects in the background but just can’t implement them yet. I will of course continue to write in this blog and also of course pursue my goal of writing my books and stories and getting an agent. I will also still support Goldfield in any way I can at this time.  

Even though it is upsetting it is for the best and everything will come together. It will give me more time to plan the surprises and great things I have planned for Goldfield and Tonopah area. I apologize about this small bump but as people have bumps in their lives they have bumps in their plans.  

What the Future Holds

It has been over a week since I started writing in this blog again. I have noticed a few readers coming to the blog and I hope people enjoy it. I know this blog seems disjointed but as the title says it covers everything political, social and things in everyday life from my mind. There will be a lot of cool things coming so don’t you worry. 

As I mentioned I have a few projects on the works. You always know about my book projects which are still in the process. Don’t worry my Fifth Age fans there will be more books and I will finish the series. In fact I am in talks with agents to see if I can go that route. Please check the news section of my book website by clicking here. There you can see information on my book and future books. 

I am also writing a bunch of short stories with the setting of all over Nevada (especially Goldfield). These short stories are horror stories that integrate things in my life, urban legends and other things you see every day. They can be disturbing and others can be satirical as a dark comedy. There is also a lot of twist endings. They are pretty exciting and I might share a couple on this blog.  I also have a surprise about these stories that I will reveal in the future when the time is right. 

I have not forgotten about Goldfield. Like I alluded to earlier in my blog I am planning on some major changes in the town. It will help everyone in town, produce growth and jobs and back to the glory days. It will be glorious and fun at the same time. I hope to get the community to also get involved.  My wife and I have a project we will be starting soon and it will be great. I can’t give the details about it just yet because it will have a great unveiling and something the world can see and participate. We are very excited about it. Stay tuned for that. 

As a follow up to the Resort Fee posting I have found a link that lists the hotels with Resort Fees and how much they are. It is very interesting if you are going to stay at a hotel in Las Vegas to know that on top of paying for the room for your stay you will be charged the extra fees at checkout no matter what. Check out the website by clicking here. 

I started working out hard again to get back into shape like I used to be. It has been a hard week getting back into the flow of things but I have stuck with it and I am already feeling much better. I will update you periodically on this blog on my progress. I will also show you what I have been doing to get back into shape. 

Well that is a little idea of the future. I know it is a little vague but that is half the fun which is the anticipation. This will be an interesting year and hope everyone is ready for it. That is if the world doesn’t end in December but that is another story for a different time. Be prepared for some exciting stuff both locally and across the world as this year will be very exciting. Stay tuned…

I’m Coming Home

“I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the World I am coming home…”  Diddy-Dirty Money 

As with the first lines in the song I am coming home. My wife and I recently established a home in Goldfield, NV. Even though my job is still in Las Vegas and I spend Monday through Friday either in Las Vegas or on the road, Goldfield is now my official home (again). Many people ask me why I would want to move back to Goldfield. There are a few reasons which I will outline: 

  1. This is the town where I grew up. I am familiar with it and the culture. Even though things have changed since when I left back in 2001 it still has the same qualities that I loved about it.
  2. My wife and kid love the area. They are closer to a support system. This is good because I travel a lot for my job. We all can be closer to family and friends.
  3. The school would be way better for my son then a Vegas school where he would just be another face in the crowd.
  4. Along those lines, the crime and overall state of the town of Goldfield it way safer then Las Vegas.
  5. I have a lot of plans for the town as I have always been drawn to it. 

To go along with point five I do have some major plans for the Goldfield/Tonopah area. I look back to the days when I was growing up in Goldfield and remember how much life it had. 

I remember during Treasure Days (called Goldfield Days now or the Land Auction) there were vendors everywhere from all walks of life. Major politicians would be in the parade even if it wasn’t an election year. I remember so many games and fun stuff to do for kids and adults alike. Does anyone remember that?   

I remember in the evening time after school kids, adults and all would meet at the gym and have a basketball game. I remember the gym would get so packed that people were waiting on the benches to come in to play. That is how full it was. Does anyone remember that?  

I remember a lot of events would come to Goldfield. There would be magic shows, plays and a lot of community picnics. I remember there was a Memorial Day picnic at the park. I remember every year bikers would come to a park for an evening every year. I remember summer programs for kids. Does anyone remember that? 

I remember the school would hold book fairs. There would be theater companies coming to the school to get the kids to do a play. I remember huge turnouts to the annual Halloween carnival. I remember when the school cafeteria was packed for school lunches. I remember a lot of dedication and many games to the basketball program.  I remember the track meet that happened every year was something to train for a month or two. Does anyone remember that? 

These are some of the changes that have happened since I left Goldfield. There are more but these come to mind. I am sure there was even more stuff before I was even born. Why did all these changes happen? The obvious answer there is not as much people as there was when I was living there, money and the economy is very low, and a different way of life for kids where pickup games are not as important as it used to be. 

This is where point five comes along. I plan to help revitalize the community. This just does not include Goldfield but all of Esmeralda county and the Tonopah area. I have some ideas, plans and some connections to help do this. I know I can’t do it alone and will need the communities help also. However, soon people will start seeing these plans come to pass. It will probably take a couple of months to get started but if time allows and it pans out things will start looking up. 

What does everyone think? What changes would you like to see in Goldfield or do you not want anything to change? What memories do you have of the past that you would like to see come back? Share your memories and your thoughts. Register and comment below because I want to hear what people think and if there is even an interest of changes.