What the Future Holds

It has been over a week since I started writing in this blog again. I have noticed a few readers coming to the blog and I hope people enjoy it. I know this blog seems disjointed but as the title says it covers everything political, social and things in everyday life from my mind. There will be a lot of cool things coming so don’t you worry. 

As I mentioned I have a few projects on the works. You always know about my book projects which are still in the process. Don’t worry my Fifth Age fans there will be more books and I will finish the series. In fact I am in talks with agents to see if I can go that route. Please check the news section of my book website by clicking here. There you can see information on my book and future books. 

I am also writing a bunch of short stories with the setting of all over Nevada (especially Goldfield). These short stories are horror stories that integrate things in my life, urban legends and other things you see every day. They can be disturbing and others can be satirical as a dark comedy. There is also a lot of twist endings. They are pretty exciting and I might share a couple on this blog.  I also have a surprise about these stories that I will reveal in the future when the time is right. 

I have not forgotten about Goldfield. Like I alluded to earlier in my blog I am planning on some major changes in the town. It will help everyone in town, produce growth and jobs and back to the glory days. It will be glorious and fun at the same time. I hope to get the community to also get involved.  My wife and I have a project we will be starting soon and it will be great. I can’t give the details about it just yet because it will have a great unveiling and something the world can see and participate. We are very excited about it. Stay tuned for that. 

As a follow up to the Resort Fee posting I have found a link that lists the hotels with Resort Fees and how much they are. It is very interesting if you are going to stay at a hotel in Las Vegas to know that on top of paying for the room for your stay you will be charged the extra fees at checkout no matter what. Check out the website by clicking here. 

I started working out hard again to get back into shape like I used to be. It has been a hard week getting back into the flow of things but I have stuck with it and I am already feeling much better. I will update you periodically on this blog on my progress. I will also show you what I have been doing to get back into shape. 

Well that is a little idea of the future. I know it is a little vague but that is half the fun which is the anticipation. This will be an interesting year and hope everyone is ready for it. That is if the world doesn’t end in December but that is another story for a different time. Be prepared for some exciting stuff both locally and across the world as this year will be very exciting. Stay tuned…

Hotel Resort Fees

Let’s say you went to stay at a Vegas hotel for the week. You found a cheap deal online and booked your hotel thinking you are not going to break your bank with a hotel. You have a nice stay in Las Vegas and you go and check out. The person at the front desk says, “Thank you for staying with us, here is your charges for the resort fee that is charged per night for services.”

The person looks down at the charges and there is about $60 worth of extra charges added on to what you already paid for the hotel. Has this happened to anyone? Well if you stayed in Las Vegas then I am sure it has. I have always known about the extra fees they tack on at the end. Especially since I have been traveling a lot and sometimes stay in a hotel in Vegas during the week when needed. However, even though the front desk tells you upfront about the charges people are still outraged about the fees. Especially when the fee is about the same price you paid per night for the room.

On the other hand I can see why people get mad because it does add up and the “services” they say they charge you for a lot of times are not even used. Let’s take a look at a recent stay I had and what they charged me for in the resort fee.

  • Shuttle service to the strip (I have my own car so this is never needed)
  • Use of the swimming pool (I won’t be using this and besides it is not even opened)
  • Use of the hotel gym (I won’t be using this and besides I have a gym membership in Las Vegas)
  • Use of their phones (I believe most people have cell phones so this isn’t something I would use)
  • Use of the internet (Here is something I use. They give the price as $5.99 but is already charged in your resort fee)

Of the five items listed above I would only use internet. I can see why people get mad when they are being charged for services they are not using. Just the fact when you check out after having a nice stay and see all these charges that add up can just get people upset and depressed. My thought is why doesn’t the hotel just give you an option of what services you want and then pay for those instead of a lump sum? If the person doesn’t want the gym but wants the pool they charge them a price for use of the pool and give them a card key for it or someone at the pool checking if they paid for the service. It makes sense and at the same time doesn’t make the customer upset. Then again these hotels are used for people who are on vacation and not like me and used to stay during the work week if I need to. So from a business standpoint it gets the hotel some extra profit.

I don’t know but I just feel if they want to charge for the use of something they should charge for the services the customer is actually going to use. What’s next, charging to hear the couple next door have sex because their walls are too thin? Yes I had to listen to that this past week while I was eating dinner in the room. Anyway moving on from that, what is everyone’s thought on hotel’s charging resort fees? Do you think they should just charge for services that you use or am I way off base and what they do now is good? Let me know and comment. I would like to hear from you.

On a side note this Sunday is the Super Bowl. Since the Patriots destroyed the Broncos in the playoffs, I will have to go for the Giants. Sorry.