I’m Coming Home

“I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the World I am coming home…”  Diddy-Dirty Money 

As with the first lines in the song I am coming home. My wife and I recently established a home in Goldfield, NV. Even though my job is still in Las Vegas and I spend Monday through Friday either in Las Vegas or on the road, Goldfield is now my official home (again). Many people ask me why I would want to move back to Goldfield. There are a few reasons which I will outline: 

  1. This is the town where I grew up. I am familiar with it and the culture. Even though things have changed since when I left back in 2001 it still has the same qualities that I loved about it.
  2. My wife and kid love the area. They are closer to a support system. This is good because I travel a lot for my job. We all can be closer to family and friends.
  3. The school would be way better for my son then a Vegas school where he would just be another face in the crowd.
  4. Along those lines, the crime and overall state of the town of Goldfield it way safer then Las Vegas.
  5. I have a lot of plans for the town as I have always been drawn to it. 

To go along with point five I do have some major plans for the Goldfield/Tonopah area. I look back to the days when I was growing up in Goldfield and remember how much life it had. 

I remember during Treasure Days (called Goldfield Days now or the Land Auction) there were vendors everywhere from all walks of life. Major politicians would be in the parade even if it wasn’t an election year. I remember so many games and fun stuff to do for kids and adults alike. Does anyone remember that?   

I remember in the evening time after school kids, adults and all would meet at the gym and have a basketball game. I remember the gym would get so packed that people were waiting on the benches to come in to play. That is how full it was. Does anyone remember that?  

I remember a lot of events would come to Goldfield. There would be magic shows, plays and a lot of community picnics. I remember there was a Memorial Day picnic at the park. I remember every year bikers would come to a park for an evening every year. I remember summer programs for kids. Does anyone remember that? 

I remember the school would hold book fairs. There would be theater companies coming to the school to get the kids to do a play. I remember huge turnouts to the annual Halloween carnival. I remember when the school cafeteria was packed for school lunches. I remember a lot of dedication and many games to the basketball program.  I remember the track meet that happened every year was something to train for a month or two. Does anyone remember that? 

These are some of the changes that have happened since I left Goldfield. There are more but these come to mind. I am sure there was even more stuff before I was even born. Why did all these changes happen? The obvious answer there is not as much people as there was when I was living there, money and the economy is very low, and a different way of life for kids where pickup games are not as important as it used to be. 

This is where point five comes along. I plan to help revitalize the community. This just does not include Goldfield but all of Esmeralda county and the Tonopah area. I have some ideas, plans and some connections to help do this. I know I can’t do it alone and will need the communities help also. However, soon people will start seeing these plans come to pass. It will probably take a couple of months to get started but if time allows and it pans out things will start looking up. 

What does everyone think? What changes would you like to see in Goldfield or do you not want anything to change? What memories do you have of the past that you would like to see come back? Share your memories and your thoughts. Register and comment below because I want to hear what people think and if there is even an interest of changes. 

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