Love and Marriage

What does love and marriage mean these days? Too many times I see relationships not working and it appears a lot of times it stems from either cheating or the people not truly committing to each other and still “living” their single life. I always hear a married person tell me that they went partying a lot the other night and saw this hot chick and had strippers or something of that nature. I mean is this really what love and marriage has come to? 

Love and marriage to me is a lifetime commitment where you spend the rest of your time with the one who love. It is not where you get married and in a year or two get bored and want to mess around and say you need your space. You are married and this should be a commitment that should not be taken lightly. It takes both people involved to make it work and it isn’t easy. If it was easy then the divorce rate would be so low. The two people should know what they want out of the marriage and stick to it. 

I will tell you what love and marriage means to me. This way of thinking and believing may not work for everyone but it has worked so well for me with almost six years of marriage of my wife.  

After a rough couple of relationships before meeting my wife, I knew I had to get serious and find someone I was compatible with. I dated a few different people and they were just not for me. Trust was a major factor at the time for obvious reasons. Again as I mentioned in my Decision blog that you can read here, I was upset with my job and was looking to just get out of Reno. I called in a favor to see if I can get a job interview in southern California. I did and looked at myspace profiles of people that lived down there to start making friends and meeting people.  

One of the first people to pop up on my search was my wife. I thought she was cute and sounded cool so I messaged her. She actually just put a myspace profile up just recently and wasn’t ever going to do one until her friend set one up for her. See what I mean when I say things happen for a reason. Well we were talking and got to know each other. I finally got the interview and went down her and met her in person weeks before the interview so I can see the town and meet her. 

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was amazing and I felt this girl was something special already. She was not like any person I have met before. When I left I wanted to start being with her even though I lived six hours away and didn’t even know I was going to get the job. She even told her family about me (which is a big deal) and told them that I will be the guy she would be married to. 

There was so much chemistry and feeling that we could feel something special. The job eventually said they did not have a position for my field of work. I was hurt (but it ended up being the best thing which is a story for another time) but I continued traveling six hours when I could to see my wife on the weekends and such. I emailed her, myspaced her and called her whenever I could (and I hate talking on the phone). Eventually we got married. 

Now after that backstory you ask well what does love and marriage mean to me? I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think of is happy I am married to such a beautiful wife. The next thing I think of is what I can do to make sure my wife is happy. I look at her every day and know she is the most beautiful person I have ever saw and tell her that and mean it. On special days I make sure it is very special (get her the gift she always wanted, show her the time of her life, be romantic, write poems etc). Even on days that are just normal days I try to make her feel special because seeing her smile is the highlight of my day. Feeling that I made my wife and best friend have a great time is the best feeling in the world. 

I am always there for my wife when she is down or having a problem and always try to help it through it the best way I can. We try to find common things we like to do and do them together even if we don’t really like doing it because we love each other. We give and take. We don’t need to go out and party all the time and be apart because why would you want to be apart from someone so great. I want to be with my wife and enjoy being around her because she makes me happy. Even when we make each other upset we always make up and resolve the issues and are our happy self again. 

There are always ups and downs in a marriage and nothing is perfect. However there are always more ups then downs in our marriage and we always work through them. The biggest down right now is I am gone a lot because of my job and we don’t get to see each other every day like we used to. However that was a sacrifice we made and decided together for the better of the family and our plans for the future. We communicate everything together and support each other’s decisions. That makes a strong marriage. Finally every night before I go to sleep I think how lucky I am to find someone so special. That completes every aspect of me. How I could not imagine my life without her with me and that I can’t wait to wake up and be with her again. 

That is what I feel love and marriage means to me. It is the biggest commitment of your life and you must be strong and know that is what you really want. You can’t destroy it by not fully committing to it. You can’t do things that will destroy the marriage and hurt the one you supposedly love more than anything on this planet. Comment below and tell me what the meaning of love and marriage is to you? Is there anything I missed above? Am I completely wrong and if so why? I want to hear from you. 

On a side note I actually am almost done reading Salem’s Lot and will hopefully be doing some reviews on that and the movies in the next couple of weeks. So watch out for those. Thanks for reading.   

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