Yeah it is Friday

Don’t you just love Fridays? I sure do. Especially this Friday where I get to have a three day weekend. Anyway this will be a short blog post as I have a lot to do. There probably won’t be a post on Monday as I will be spending time with my family but check back anyway just in case I do.

For some updates I will be adding a new feature to my blog. I am going to read every Stephen King novel ever published and write a little review on it. Not only that, if there is a movie about the story I read I will also review that and post that up on the blog. That includes any official or unofficial sequels (wow I will be watching and reviewing a million Children of the Corn movies) and any remakes or made for TV movies. This will be a long feature on this blog and I will some good humor in my reviews and they will be exciting. I hope everyone will like them and you never read a Stephen King book maybe you will find a review you like and read the book or at least watch the movie. I will be starting with Carrie.

Thanks for the positive feedback on my last post. I would like some people to share their stories but maybe in the future you will. I plan on writing more posts like that in the future.

This week I will start getting some of my projects organized and long term plans scheduled. From my wife’s and I project, Goldfield project to my writing project it will be mapped out as much as I can. Things are really looking up and I can’t do it with you. I appreciate you reading my blog.

Anyway I will be heading home again. Have a safe weekend everyone and enjoy any time you have off.

*Sorry if there are any typos I am writing this in a hurry.

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