Top Five Vegas Shows I Went To

Warning: This blog post is rated PG-13 by the International Super Secret Blog Ratings Board of America West of the Mississippi.

Sorry for the little warning but we are talking about Vegas shows and this will include video clips of the shows. Since the blog this week has been kind of a downer with bad news I decided to leave the week on a more positive note and that is a list of my top five Las Vegas shows I went to. Now to be fair I haven’t been to many shows but if I had to choose my top five these would be it. Please enjoy and let me know what your favorite shows you have seen.

5. Tournament of Kings

This show is actually pretty fun to go to. I mean you get to have a meal and watch a knight show right in front of you. You are split into sections where you cheer for the knight of the color section you are in and it is actually pretty entertaining. I went to this show a few times but actually went to it first when I was in the 8th grade on my 8th grade trip (that was a fun trip). Do any of my friends remember that week? Anyway it was a fun show and will always have a sense of nostalgia for me. Yes I did pull The Cable Guy routine on the waitress. If you don’t know what that is well you don’t get utensils while you eat (because they did not exist in medieval times) but then the waitress asks if you want Pepsi and then you mock her by saying, “So they had Pepsi in medieval times?” Regardless to say she was not amused by my comment and probably heard it a million times after the movie came out. Anyway here is a short clip I found of the show.

4. Amazing Johnathan

This is a comedy show with a little magic thrown into there. If you seen the his Comedy Central special you seen the show. However, it was fun being there live in person with my wife seeing it. It is humorous. I would recommend getting there early because he has a little entertaining feature that makes fun of people in the audience and it was pretty funny. Here is a little clip promoting the show.

3. Lance Burton Magic Show

This show is no longer going but it was a great show to see with my wife. He does magic on a grand stage and he is actually pretty funny while he does it. The kid in me loved the magic show and it was smooth and relaxing way to just release the stresses of life and enjoy myself. His tricks were pretty amazing and I don’t have no clue on how he did some of them. Here is an older magic segment he did long ago.

2. Bite

There were topless vampire chicks dancing to some nice classical rock. Do I even need to say more? Ok it also has a pretty good storyline that is told through the rock music with little to no dialogue. It is about a male vampire trying to find love even though he has many wives already. Well I will take this story over Bella and Edward anyway. The show has great visuals; they interact with the crowd and have some circus acts. It is very entertaining. Oh and did I mention it has topless vampire chicks dancing, just joking but it is a good show. Here is the PG-13 clip of a promo for the show.

1. The Phantom of the Opera

Yes my number one show I saw was this. The set was amazing, the actors did great, the music is good and it was entertaining. No there was no Gerald Butler but it was still good. What places this at number 1 is it has special meaning to me. I took my wife here on our 1 year anniversary. We did the whole limo, dinner, gondola, and show experience that night and we had a great time. It was a special time and that is what puts this show as number 1 on my list. It ends in September in Las Vegas so go see it before it goes. Here is a promo clip from the show. 


Well there you have it. I hoped you enjoyed reading my top five shows I went to in Las Vegas. I will randomly put some top lists in my blog ever so often. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend.