I have been gone and I hope I am back

I have not written in this in awhile. I have been so busy adjusting to my new life and finding out how to go about everything. Believe me I wanted to come back and write a lot in this but things have been so busy and some personal things have been happening. Now I feel I can return to my writing. Not only just writing in this blog but writing my books and other items. I feel now is the time to get going and really push for my dreams. I mean I will be 30 in December. It is time to make my millions I wanted and live out my dreams and I will do it. I have it in me just like any person and if I try and work very hard on going for my dream it will come true. Come and join me in this blog as I journey towards completing my dream. It will be a fun ride.

I should have my first Stephen King review up either tonight or this weekend so check back on that. I also have some other porjects going so stay tuned. Yes this is short but wanted to let everyone know I am back.

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