Let me introduce myself

   Well as the blog suggests my name is David Tyson. I am just your avergae guy that loves to write. I have always enjoyed writing since I was a little kid. I figure a good way to express myself is on a blog. A little information about myself. At the writing of this post I am 27 years olds. I was born in Tonopah, NV and grew up in the small town of Goldfield, NV. I moved to Reno, NV in 2001 to go to college where I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science with minors in Math and History. In 2010 I was accepted in Navy OCS which is Navy Officer Candidate School. I was going to be a Surface Warfare-Information Warfare Officer. However due to gallbladder surgery while at training I had to drop from the program. I am looking to try to get into the DCO program for the Navy Reserves and be an Information Warfare Officer for them. Right now I am living in Henderson, NV and working as a Leads Manager for Frontier Financial Group. Basically I manage the leads and do some programming and database work for the company. I am also a writer. (Plug time). I am writing a series of books called the The Fifth Age. It is books that will span thousands of years that follow the chosen family that determines the fate of the world. That is the short version but there is so much depth. You can check it out and find information about the books and to buy the first book of the series The Fifth Age: Book I: The Quest for the Stone of Power at www.thefifthagebooks.com . Check it out you will probably like it.

That is my professional life. I will let you know some of my personal life. I am married to my wife, Jennifer Tyson. We have been married since November 2nd, 2006 and will be celebrating our four years soon. I have a son named Anakin Tyson. Yes I am a Star Wars fan and think the name is cool. He was born on September 10th, 2007. I am very involved in the Freemasons as I am apart of two Blue Lodges, the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, The Shriners, the Order of Eastern Star, and the Scottish Rite Research Society. I enjoy movies and collect them. My favorite sports are basketball and baseball. I enjoy a lot of T.V. series which would take awhile to list. My favorite books to read are those by Stephen King and Dan Brown. Just some personal information about me.

This blog it just one man’s view of the world. I will talk politics. I will talk social issues and current events. I might just talk about everyday life and my views. Stuff that could range from an issue in Las Vegas, to my bad day at work, to a WWE event I went to. It could be anything. I hope to write at least twice a week or more so please check back often. I will try to make these blogs interesting and hope you keep coming back to read and even comment. You can register and subscribe to do so, just click the register button and pick a username and your email and you will be ready to go and participate. I encourage participation if you agree with me or not. Just keep it clean and mature. I will eventually let a couple of my readers write a blog on here.

So please read and support this blog. I have some links to the left of some personal links of mine. Check them out. I think this blog will be great and need your support. Read, visit often, comment and participate. I hope to see a few subscribers on here the next few days. Thanks for reading and I will hopefully get the next blog post up in the next few days with my first topic. Stay tuned.

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