The Ring Movie Good Luck Legend

I was told this by a friend at work a couple of days ago. I decided to put this on my blog because I always like a good old urban legend or something paranormal. Who knows this might bring something good into your life or it is just an urban legend. Let me know if you tried it and something good did happen in your life. Give me your comments below if it worked or didn’t and if you know any other good urban legends. 

Here is what my friend told me and others in which he stated that because of this urban legend he was able to have his wish and desires happen within one week. On the 7th day, he met the girl of his dreams and also made a business deal that netted him a large profit. This happened seven days after he did the steps of which I will detail below. 

How many people hear remember the movie The Ring? If you don’t remember the movie you can read about it on here. Well the premise of The Ring is that someone views a videotape and a bizarre video plays and you will die in seven days after viewing it. The movie is a pretty basic premise that was a hit during the Japanese horror remake era of filmmaking. Yes The Ring is a remake of a Japanese horror film which you can read about here.   

Here is the urban legend: both the Japanese version of The Ring and the American version’s videos that play are infused with some mystic power that if you follow the following steps you will be blessed with positive energy and on the 7th day you will have all or your desires and wishes come true. So I guess instead of dying in seven days watching both videos will cause you to have a great day. I tried it yesterday so I have a few more days to find out if it works but give it a shot and let me know what happens with you. Here are the steps: 

1.       This must be done after 9:30pm and before 11pm.

2.       All lights must be turned off in the room you are in and try to make the room as dark as possible besides the mechanism you are using to play the videos.

3.       You must be alone in the room with no distractions.

4.       You need to turn your speakers up pretty loud.

5.       Watch the American The Ring video below (first video).

6.       After the video has completed turn completely around and stare at a dark place for 30 seconds.

7.       Turn back around and watch the Japanese version of The Ring video below (second video).

8.       After the video has completed turn completely around and stare at a dark place for 60 seconds.

9.       Turn off your computer or TV that you are watching the videos and sit in the dark for 90 seconds.

10.   After the 90 seconds you may continue on with your night as usual. When you go to sleep you should have a normal dream but in the dream an image of two red rose and three sunflowers will stick out in your mind which will indicate that the mystic energy from the videos is in you and that you will not have all your wishes and desires happen seven days later.