It is a Monday Type of Day

Well it is Monday. A day that is usually associated with a bad day. If you are having a bad day someone will come up to you and ask are you having a bad case of the Mondays. There is a song called “Blue Monday”. What makes this day a bad day? Is it the fact that most people have to return to work after having time off during the weekend? That sounds like a good reason to me. I am having one of those “Mondays” today. First I had to wake up at 3:30am this morning to get ready to drive to Las Vegas to go to work. It is the start of the week so I won’t see my family again until Friday. Then to top that off my car would not start. I hope it isn’t anything expensive that is wrong with it but knowing my luck it will be. I am a little down today but not as crazy as some people can get.

To celebrate Monday and my theory that it is usually bad because of people having to return to work, take a look at a couple of videos where even though you are having a bad day they look like they are having a worse day. Some of these videos are old but still funny:

Hope you enjoyed the videos and it brought a little smile to your face on this Monday. Be happy you aren’t that stressed out (maybe you are though) and always keep an eye out to the person next to you that you work with. Especially on a Monday.

As a bonus video even if they are crazy it would be pretty funny to work with this type of guy:

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