You want to get into shape, try Insanity

Before I start I just wanted to say sorry I haven’t been writing on this much. I will pick it up with some interesting blogs that I will think you will enjoy. I have been busy with work and getting my DCO package together. I will try to be an officer in the Navy Reserves. Anyway just wanted to let you know about this great workout called Insanity.

Usually I don’t promote something I saw on an infomercial but I have been using the Insanity workout from Beach Body. Let me tell you that is this not for the weak at heart. The only thing I probably saw that was harder was someone at OCS getting beat down all day from the Drill Instructor.

I like the challenge of it and it does get you into shape. Now you probably won’t get extremely ripped from this workout as a lot of it is cardio work but you will definately get in better shape and if you need to lose some pounds. Even the people on the videos who are fitness trainers have a hard time on it. So again it not for everybody but it is a great workout. Just remember if you do this workout you have to eat right also as that is important. It comes with a cool nutrition guide. You can check out more information at . No I am not pushing a product, I just wanted people to know a cool workout that helps get people in shape. My boss likes P90X from the same company. I haven’t tried that yet but I will sometime in the future. To better explain it check out this video and if you want to challenge yourself pick it up.

Insanity Workout

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